Key Pharmaceuticals develops and markets pharmaceutical products sold over-the-counter (OTC), complementary medicines, medical devices, dermocosmetics and personal care products. Our current portfolio is focused on the following sectors: digestive health, skincare, pregnancy planning to early childhood, oral care and topical treatments.


We offer a full service with in-house Marketing, Sales, Quality, Regulatory and Logistics.



Our highly skilled team of senior consumer healthcare marketing & FMCG marketing specialists builds brands through insight and market research led strategies. The team is well-versed in all pharmaceutical marketing & consumer goods marketing strategies, from running a satellite symposium to making TV commercials and everything in between.


We market to multiple audiences, including health professionals, pharmacy assistants, retail buyers, patient groups and consumers. We deliver outstanding marketing communication, new product development, retail visual merchandising and commercial management.



Our experienced and award-winning sales team has cultivated excellent relationships with customers across pharmacy, grocery and convenience channels. We have on-the-ground contact in all capital cities within Australia and a team of Key Account Managers covering pharmacy, grocery, and other channels, including export to overseas countries.

Regulatory and Quality


Regulatory and quality assurance activities are managed in-house to ensure our products are compliant with Australian and New Zealand regulatory and technical requirements. Our regulatory team is experienced working with medicines, cosmetics, and devices. Our quality assurance team manages the release of our products to ensure they meet the required quality standards.


Key Pharmaceuticals management system has been ISO 9001:2015 certified and quality systems are in place for the development, procurement, packaging, storage, release for supply, marketing and sales of non-prescription pharmaceutical medicines, medical devices and cosmetic products. Key are GMP licenced for medicines and ISO 13485 certified for medical devices.


We also offer experience and advice for in-licensed brands as part of our strategic business partnerships.



Our supply chain and warehousing teams manage forecasting, inventory planning, packing, distribution and exportation.


Our large warehouse facilities include temperature-controlled environments, barcode printing facilities and distribution facilities.

Research & Development


We are committed to working with evidence-based products. We use clinical evidence and research studies to develop and evaluate new product innovations, as well as to make products easily accessible to those who need them. We work with scientists, key opinion leaders, principal brand owners, contract manufacturers and formulators to develop and bring new products to market.

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Our Commitment to Quality